Wheat Beer

Beer Style: Wheat Beer
Recipe Type: all-grain
Yield: 5 gallons
Light yellow, refreshing, spicy & fruity wheat beer

5lbs - Wyermann Bohemian Pils
5lbs - White Wheat
1.5oz of Czech Saaz @ 3% for 60 minutes
White Labs 300 Hefeweizen Yeast

OG: 1.055 FG: 1.008
Primary Ferment: 1 week
Secondary Ferment: 1 week
Step Infusion Schedule:
-120 F for 15 mins
-140 F for 15 mins
-152 F for 30 mins
( because of the three temps I prepare 4 gallons for mash and 4 gallons for sparse. This schedule for this wheat beer produces a great fermentation and FG)

Batch Sparge:
-170 F Water added to grain bed (15 mins)

60 minute boil

Chill to 75 F and pitch WL 300
(This yeast may ferment like a rocket, attach a blowoff)
I try to ferment this beer at 65 to 69 F

This yeast will give you plenty of fruit and clove flavor. If you don't like that, maybe use an American Hefe yeast to cut back on the fruity flavors

After two or three weeks in carboys we keg, carbonate, & condition for 2 more weeks